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The Weather In The Streets

  • Author
    • Rosamond Lehmann
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  • Published: May 03 2018
  • 200 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9780349010366
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Press Reviews

  • Alexandra Shulman

    Lehmann is unbeatable on social nuance, both among the London bohemian set and Rollo's more conventional upper-class milieu. No one could be more attractive or caddish than Lehmann's Rollo, the married man who entrances our heroine. The ultimate tragic love story
  • Elizabeth Jane Howard

    She is immensely readable, acute, passionate, funny and original
  • Anita Brookner

    The first writer to filter her stories through a woman's feelings & perceptions
  • Elizabeth Day

    A truly great book. It is beautifully written, shrewdly observed and deftly crafted, but the novel's real concern is what it means for a woman to live an authentic life
  • Esther Freud

    Sunday Telegraph
    The Weather in the Streets astounded women and men with its searing depiction of what it's like to fall in love . . . With brilliant dialogue and intense passages of elation and despair, The Weather in the Streets takes you on the rollercoaster of their relationship
  • Kirkus Reviews
    The best book she has written -- and with as good a chance for popular success as her first book, Dusty Answer