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The Veiled Kingdom

  • Author
    • Carmen Bin Ladin
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On September 11th 2001, Carmen Bin Ladin heard the news on the radio that the Twin Towers had been struck. She instinctively knew that her brother-in-law's name would be linked to these horrifying acts of terrorism, and her heart went out to the victims in America. She also knew that her life and the lives of her family would never be the same again.

In 1974 Carmen, half Swiss and half Persian, married Yeslam Bin Ladin and found herself inside the complex and vast clan of Bin Laden, part of a society that at that point she neither knew nor understood. Carmen Bin Ladin's story takes us inside one of the most powerful, secretive and repressive kingdoms in the world.
  • Published: Dec 07 2006
  • Pages: 240
  • 288 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781844081035
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Press Reviews

  • BARBARA Ehrenreich, New York TIMES
    If you want to beat Osama, you've got to start by listening to Carmen
    A searing indictment of a society and a family perverted by fanaticism ... a terrifying insight into the psychology of Al-Qaeda.