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The Reef

  • Author
    • Edith Wharton
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Anna Leath is a young widow, an American living in France. Behind her lies an arid marriage and a life deeply influenced by the rigid code of Old New York. Ahead lies new hope: a chance encounter in London with George Darrow, the first love of her youth, has left her awakened, disturbed. Anna returns to her beautiful country chateau to await her future: between two short distances can anything happen to disrupt such promise? But the charming Sophie Viner, governess to Anna's young daughter, holds the key to a secret which comes to reveal that Anna's future - and the very foundation of her life - is fragile where it appears most strong.
  • Published: Jul 07 1983
  • Pages: 368
  • 198 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9780860683728
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    A complex, subtle and moving story of the ways in which people torment one another and the awful power of retrospective jealousy