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The Pink Suit

  • Author
    • Nicole Mary Kelby
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On 22 November 1963, Jacqueline Kennedy accompanied her husband to Dallas, Texas, wearing a pink suit that was one of his favourites. But as Jackie was greeted by ecstatic crowds that sunny morning, nobody could have dreamt just how iconic the suit would soon become.

In The Pink Suit, Nicole Mary Kelby has written a novel imagining the life of the garment that became emblematic of the moment the American Dream turned to ashes. Kate is an Irish seamstress working in the back room at Chez Ninon, an exclusive Manhattan atelier entrusted with creating much of Jackie's wardrobe. Kate and the First Lady share roots in rural Ireland, and although their lives could not be more different, Kate honours their connection by using the muslin toiles for each piece she sews for Mrs Kennedy to fashion an identical garment - in a different fabric - for her own niece.

Then comes the terrible day that pictures of Kate's handiwork,splashed with the president's blood, are beamed all over the world.The Pink Suit is a fascinating novel about politics, fashion, history and the people who have a hand in it - from the backrooms of a Manhattan dressmaker's to the Blue Room at the White House.
  • Published: Apr 09 2015
  • Pages: 320
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781844089758
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Press Reviews

  • Daily Mail
    A remarkable novel . . . Kelby has a talent for blending history and fiction - seamlessly
  • Harper's Bazaar
    Engaging and moving . . . here reality and fiction intertwine, held together by the power of a single, fascinating narrative thread
  • Washington Post
    Kelby captures the Mad Men-era struggles of women torn between marriage and work . . . The Pink Suit is tailor-made for enjoyment
  • Good Book Guide
    Kelby has conjured a terrific novel blending fact and fiction to mesmerising effect