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The Glass Castle

The New York Times Bestseller - Two Million Copies Sold
  • Author
    • Jeannette Walls
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'Tragic and comic at the same time... an outrageous story, one that will break your heart' Sunday Independent

'A terrific story, grippingly told' Sunday Times

'I read The Glass Castle straight through in an evening, wearing an expression of slack-jawed amazement' Spectator

While Jeannette Walls was living on Park Avenue, covering the Academy Awards and attending black-tie parties at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, her parents were squatting in an abandoned building on the Lower East Side.

Rex Walls, her father, was an ingenious adventurer and a hopeless alcoholic. Her mother was an artist who abhorred domestic routine and the chores of motherhood: 'Why should I cook a meal that will be gone in an hour when I can do a painting that will last forever?' Funny sad, quirky and loving, The Glass Castle is an almost incredible story of a nomadic, impoverished childhood.


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  • Published: Mar 29 2010
  • Pages: 352
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781844081820
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Press Reviews

  • Sunday Independent
    Tragic and comic at the same time... an outrageous story, one that will break your heart
  • Sunday Times
    A terrific story, grippingly told
  • Sunday Independent
    Like J.D. Salinger or Hemingway before her, Jeannette Walls has the talent of knowing exactly how to let a story tell itself
  • Spectator
    'I read The Glass Castle straight through in an evening, wearing an expression of slack-jawed amazement. Jeannette Walls has managed to balance her account with great precision; as she and her siblings did, we must both love and hate her parents
  • Marie Claire
    There isn't a shred of self-pity in this deeply compassionate book
  • Kirkus Reviews
    Wall's journalistic bare-bones style makes for a chilling, wrenching, incredible testimony of childhood neglect
  • Woman and Home
    Affection, shame and guilt run side by side in this unforgettable memoir of a childhood spent ''on the skedaddle''
  • Evening Herald
    Funny and brilliantly written through a child's eyes, recreating a unique family life
  • People
    Walls has joined the company of writers such as Mary Karr and Frank McCourt who have been able to transform their sad memories into fine art
  • Entertainment Weekly
    Walls has a God-given knack for spinning a yarn, and The Glass Castle is nothing short of spectacular
  • Time
  • Plain Dealer
    Each memory is more incredible than the last... That Walls recounts them so well and in such detail is our good fortune
  • New York Newsday
    Some people are born storytellers. Some lives are worth telling. The best memoirs happen when these two conditions converge. In The Glass Castle, they have
  • Vogue
    The Glass Castle is the kind of story that keeps you awake long after the rest of the house has fallen asleep
  • Express
    Utterly engaging and teeming with incident. This is a life so vividly rendered that the reader feels present at every moment
  • Dani Shapiro
    Walls has carved a story with precision and grace out of one of the most chaotic, heart-breaking childhoods... This deeply affecting memoir is a triumph in every possible way, and it does what all good books should: it affirms our faith in the human spirit