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The Big Fat Bitch Book

  • Author
    • Kate Figes
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Why do women excel at bitching? And are there ways to do it well?
In this unique and entertaining book, Kate Figes explores girltalk, the way bitching erupts amongst teenage girls, the tenacity of female stereotypes as well as essential guidance on being the best kind of bitch - strong and self-assured rather than the bitch that needs to put other women down to feel stronger. Packed with witty anecdote, etiquette, interviews and contributions from strong bitches such as Kathy Lette, Wendy Holden and Virginia Ironside this is a must read for all women on the most delicious, yet dangerous of verbal art forms.
  • Published: Nov 05 2009
  • Pages: 288
  • 214 x 139mm
  • ISBN: 9781844082957
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Press Reviews

  • Sunday TIMES
    [Figes] penetrates the uncertainties and fears that lie behind bitchy behaviour, and explores the complex hierarchy of the typical female circle... a sensible and useful guide to the often unacknowledged dark side of the female psyche
  • InStyle
    We love the commentary on famous feuds - from Bette Davis and Joan Crawford right down to Jordan and Jodie Marsh