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Shared Lives

Growing Up in 50s Cape Town
  • Author
    • Lyndall Gordon
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Lyndall Gordon, the acclaimed biographer of T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa in the 1950s. This intimate and moving memoir is the story of Rosie, Ellie, and Romy- her closest friends from childhood until their early deaths.
Daughters of Jewish immigrants, these girls grew into adulthood together, shaped by their parents' and grandparents' Eastern European heritages, the stifling atmosphere of their proper girls' school, South Africa's politics, and the intense pressure within their bourgeois milieu for early marriage. Though miles distanced them as they grew older and went off to New York, Oxford and Paris, their bonds of friendship remained strong, separated only by their untimely deaths.

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  • Published: Jan 20 2005
  • Pages: 352
  • 131 x 199mm
  • ISBN: 9781844081431
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Press Reviews

  • Lynn Freed

    [Lyndall Gordon] has rendered so faithfully, so lyrically really, the way things were. Added to the delightful candor with which Lyndall writes both of herself and of her characters, the wry humor of her writing. It is a marvellous book