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Shadow Dance

  • Author
    • Angela Carter
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'Angela Carter's writing is pyrothechnic - fuelled with ideas, packed with images and spangling the night with her starry language' OBSERVER

'The boldest of English writers' LORNA SAGE

'A great writer . . . A real one-off' SALMAN RUSHDIE

'The scar drew her whole face sideways and even in profile, with the hideous thing turned away, her face was horribly lop-sided, skin, features and all, dragged away from the bone. She was a beautiful girl, a white and golden girl, like moonlight on daisies, a month ago.

And yet the men still hover around her, more out of curiosity than lust, and none more so than the wildly seductive, dangerous funny man, Honeybuzzard; lithe as a stick of liquorice, he is the demonic puppet master at the swirling centre of the tale.'

Carter's heady first novel introduces one of her most enigmatic characters. Honeybuzzard spends his nights scavenging the contents of abandoned buildings and his days seducing and tormenting lovers, enemies, and friends. He and his best friend Morris scour the backstreets of London, leaving behind a trail of destruction in the broken hearts and dashed hopes of those they love, manipulate, and ultimately discard.

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  • Published: Sep 02 2004
  • Pages: 192
  • 202 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781860490415
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Press Reviews

    Angela Carter's writing is pyrotechnic - fuelled with ideas, packed with images and spangling the night with her starry language. She brings the gift of wonder
  • Lorna Sage

    The boldest of English writers
  • Salman Rushdie

    A great writer ... A real one-off