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Selective Memory

An Autobiography
  • Author
    • Katharine Whitehorn
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The witty and brilliant autobiography from legendary, beloved and groundbreaking journalist Katharine Whitehorn.

'A book to treasure for its wit, honesty, good sense and warm laughter' DAILY TELEGRAPH

Q: A mother's place?
A: In the wrong.

Much loved for her frankness and humour, Katharine Whitehorn was a legendary journalist who pioneered the first of the personal columns. She told us how it really was. She was funny - and smart. SELECTIVE MEMORY, her autobiography, is about childhood, motherhood, marriage and of course her pioneering work on Fleet Street.

Praise for Katharine Whitehorn:

'Everyone grabbed the Observer to read her column on a Sunday morning' JILLY COOPER

'Wise, witty, mischievous' JAY RAYNER

'A meteor: clever, funny, compassionate, insightful, beautiful' RACHEL COOKE
  • Published: Aug 07 2008
  • Pages: 288
  • 195 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781844082391
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Press Reviews

    There is a fair amount of cheerful cynicism here, but also a touching memoir of times and people past
    Humorous and bittersweet
    Katharine Whitehorn's long-awaited and beautifully achieved autobiography, the best present you could give, a book to treasure for its wit, honesty, good sense and warm laughter . . . What she writes is timelessly intelligent, agelessly elegant
    Dry, aphoristic, keenly intelligent
  • Rachel Cooke
    Katharine Whitehorn was a meteor: clever, funny, compassionate, insightful, beautiful
  • Jay Rayner
    Katharine Whitehorn was wise, witty, mischievous