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Pirates At Play

  • Author
    • Violet Trefusis
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Set in the frenetic, fantastical Twenties, this romantic comedy begins as young Elizabeth Caracole (pronounced 'Crackle') is sent by her aristocratic parents to be finished in Florence with the family of a Papal count - and Papal dentist. There are no less than five sons, as well as the beautiful ambitious Vica, who has plans of her own. As does formidable old Principessa Arrivumale - for her nephew, Gian Galeazzo. The arrival of two Elgnlishmen sets in motion and intricate emotional dance which weaves around Italy and England, and includes a vivid and splendid cast of supporting characters.
  • Published: Apr 09 1996
  • Pages: 224
  • 202 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781860492341
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Press Reviews

    Everything- the plot, the luscious descriptions, the sharp and clever social satire, the precise tenor of the passions running through the story- adds up to a perfect period piece... The inevitable complications and broken hearts are seen through the witty, cosmopolitan and elegantly cynical eye of the author whose own voluptously scandalous love life was also synonymous with the Twenties...she was indisputable an acute and merciless observer.