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Pilgrimage Four

  • Author
    • Dorothy Richardson
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'Pilgrimage' was the first expression in English of what it is to be called 'stream of conciousness' technique, predating the work of both Joyce and Woolf, echoing that of Proust with whom Dorothy Richardson stands as one of the great innovatory figures of our time. These four volumes record in detail the life of Miriram Henderson. Through her experience - personal, spiritual, intellectual - Dorothy Richardson explores intensely what it means to be a woman, presenting feminine conciousness with a new voice, a new identity.
  • Published: Nov 19 1979
  • Pages: 496
  • 203 x 127mm
  • ISBN: 9780860681038
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Press Reviews

  • Virgina Woolf
    There is no one word, such as romance or realism, to cover, even roughly, the works of Miss Dorothy Richardson. The chief characteristic is one we for which we still seek a name. She has invented a sentence we might call the pyshcological sentece of the feminine gender... proving that the novel is not hung on a nail festooned with glory, but, on the contrary, walks the high road, alive and alert, and brushes shoulders with real men and women
  • Rebecca West
    One of the real achievements of our time... Miss Richardson has achieved a miracle of performance