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Only Human: A Divine Comedy

  • Author
    • Jenny Diski
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Having seen enough of the results of autonomy and imagination with Adam and Eve, and dull obedience in the shape of the dutiful Noah, God tried once more to infiltrate humanity by seeking a solitary man whose history he could control and develop. Abraham was his chosen one. But accidents happen, unforeseen consequences of the best laid plans. Not even God, it appears, is exempt from jealousy. When the Lord made his final creation on earth, love came along for the ride and caused havoc, even to the Creator himself. Between the way of the world and the way of love, no one is safe.

As the Creator and the barren wife wage war, they struggle not only over the affections of Abraham, and control of posterity, but the very notion of truth and storytelling. This brilliant, bitter-comic love story asks awkward questions about the nature of love and faith, and incidentally throws new light on the motivations of our superior Being...
  • Published: Oct 04 2001
  • Pages: 224
  • 195 x 127mm
  • ISBN: 9781860499142
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Press Reviews

    Excellent, sexy novel in which Abraham, Sarah and the voice of God perform a subversive, jealousy-laden dance round one another. It sounds unlikely, but Diski can spin gold from the most unpromising settings and characters, and this bookk delves into all kinds of byways - infertility, obedience, autonomy in a relationship - with wit and intelligence.
    a hugely engaging and entertaining book
    both intimate and ambitious - not only human, but also divine
    This is Jenny Diski's best novel yet.