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Nothing Natural

  • Author
    • Jenny Diski
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Nothing Natural centres with illuminating precision on a sado-masochistic relationship. Rachel is in her thirties, a single parent admired by her friends for her self-sufficiency ... But when she meets the compelling, sinister Joshua she discovers another side to herself ... In a sense which horrifies her, she has found herself ... An outstandingly well-written novel' New Statesman

An addictive story of a dangerous love affair with a shocking denoument, this is a complex examination of the relations between the sexes at their most combatative and collusive. It is a clever book with much to tell us about the nature of desire and what should or should not be permissable.
  • Published: Feb 06 2003
  • Pages: 288
  • 205 x 161mm
  • ISBN: 9781860499425
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Press Reviews

    She writes with an admirable lack of sensationalism about a difficult subject ... an honest and startling look at the angry face of sex
  • Margaret DRABBLE
    Absolutely terrifying
    Its efficiency and loathsomeness are about equal
  • London MAGAZINE
    That rare beast, a sexual shocker written with integrity