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More, Now, Again

  • Author
    • Elizabeth Wurtzel
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It had reached the point where she couldn't go more than five minutes without grinding up a pill and snorting it. Despite the worldwide success of her groundbreaking memoir, Prozac Nation - and the fame and accolades that accompanied it - nothing had changed inside Elizabeth Wurtzel. She saw herself as a terrible failure. She couldn't maintain a relationship. She was fired from every job she held. Exhausted from trying to make sense of a world she saw as increasingly phony, she left New York and headed for Florida. But not before securing from her psychiatrist a prescription for Ritalin (the drug prescribed to treat hyper-activity in children).

This is an astonishing and timely memoir. It's about the search for happiness, about depravity and the will to survive even the most breathtaking self-abuse.

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  • Published: Jan 16 2003
  • Pages: 448
  • 198 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781860499890
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Press Reviews

    The structure of this book, the narrative pace, the comic timing, the dramatic pacing and the neurotic self-awareness of the personal voice are virtually impeccable.
    Her writing is so smart and sussed and heart-grabbing.
    She is brilliant at describing the pain of loneliness...
    There is always the danger that reading about someone else's drug habit will be as boring an experience as being the only sober guest at a party, but Wurtzel is disarmingly honest about her increasingly bad behaviour. This self-awareness, coupled with he