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Mary Oliver

A Life
  • Author
    • May Sinclair
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Born in 1865, Mary Olivier is the youngest of four children. Mamma dominates this Victorian household, idolising the boys, rejecting the independent love of her only daughter: the archetype of all women who control by weakness and suffering. Mary adores her mother- and she hates her. Ferociously intelligent, she vacillates between a passionate quest for her own artistic and sexual identity.

This is one of the first novels ever written about a mother and daughter relationship, and the eternal conflict engendered by the deepest of ties. But it is a celebration too: for though Mary sacrifices her life- and her lover- to the demands of duty, she emerges victorious, finding in the discovery of her intellectual and feminine self an inner freedom, a perfect happiness.
  • Published: Apr 14 1980
  • Pages: 384
  • 202 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9780860681052
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    A multi-levelled, absorbing, fiercely passionate story from a wonderfully gifted writer.