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Mary Lavelle

  • Author
    • Kate O'Brien
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  • Published: Jul 06 2006
  • Pages: 320
  • 196 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781844083152
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Press Reviews

  • Times Literary Supplement
    A superior type of romantic novel . . . quasi-intelligent and discursive, colourful and unorthodox
  • Val Hennessy

    She writes with almost poetic intensity of the ecstasy and anguish of love
  • Library Thing
    With characteristic elegance and subtlety, Kate O'Brien, one of Ireland's most beloved writers, illuminates the anguish and ecstasies of a young woman at the heart of a family and a nation divided
  • Kirkus Reviews
    There's some brilliant and powerful writing . . . a description of a bull-fight that rivals Hemingway . . . dramatic . . . smooth. It's a grand job. She deserves to be better known, as few are doing more significant work
  • Irish Times
    Its captivating account of a young Irish woman's year as a governess in Spain in 1922 bowled me over with its weave of flawless prose, in-depth casting and mesmerising plot, all in service of its heartbroken story of illicit love