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Lost on Me

Longlisted for the International Booker Prize 2024
  • Author
    • Veronica Raimo
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The prize-winning 100,000-copy Italian bestseller

A 2023 book of the year for the Financial Times, the Irish Times, the New European, Marie Claire and Largehearted Boy

'Deliciously enjoyable' Katherine Heiny

'I adored it' Naoise Dolan

'Wild, funny and disturbing' Roddy Doyle

'Thrillingly original' Monica Ali

'It would be simply impossible for a book this good to go unnoticed'
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A delightfully funny Italian novel about sex, love, family - and how a writer transforms her life into art

Vero has grown up in Rome with her eccentric family: an omnipresent mother who is devoted to her own anxiety, a father ruled by hygienic and architectural obsessions, and a precocious genius brother at the centre of their attention. As she becomes an adult, Vero's need to strike out on her own leads her into bizarre and comical situations: she tries (and fails) to run away to Paris at the age of fifteen; she moves into an unwitting older boyfriend's house after they have been together for less than a week; and she sets up a fraudulent (and wildly successful) street clothing stall to raise funds to go to Mexico. Most of all, she falls in love - repeatedly, dramatically, and often with the most unlikely and inappropriate of candidates.

As she continues to plot escapades and her mother's relentless tracking methods and guilt-tripping mastery thwart her at every turn, it is no wonder that Vero becomes a writer - and a liar - inventing stories in a bid for her own sanity.

Narrated in a voice as wryly ironic as it is warm and affectionate, Lost on Me seductively explores the slippery relationship between deceitfulness and creativity (beginning with Vero's first artistic achievement: a painting she steals from a school classmate and successfully claims as her own). Deceptively simple, its tenderness offset by moments of cool brutality, Lost on Me is a masterwork of human observation.

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  • Published: Apr 25 2024
  • 198 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9780349017693
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Press Reviews

  • Io Donna: Il Corriere della Sera
    A desecrating and tender portrait of family that reels us in from the very first lines
  • La Stampa
    Veronica Raimo is a stupendous comedian
  • Marie Claire Italia
    A story that nails us down with a powerful first-person voice, clear and exhilarating.
  • Paolo Giordano, author of The Solitude of Prime Numbers

    Is it possible, today, to completely reinvent auto-fiction? For Veronica Raimo it clearly is. Get ready to talk about this book for a long, long time
  • Esquire Italia
    Many pages in this novel are so intense and unscrupulous that one feels the apprehension of being caught spying in a stranger's mailbox
  • Claudia Durastanti, author of Strangers I Know

    Reading this novel is a blast ... Many of the pages are jellyfish stings: they burn on and on
  • Lily Tuck, author of Sisters

    Like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, Veronica Raimo mocks the absurdities of her family life as well as tries to reconcile her own ambiguous feelings. A bold, provocative, and original book
  • Julia May Jonas, author of Vladimir

    This book made me want to clear my calendar and read everything of Raimo's I could get my hands on. Incisive, engrossing, and deeply funny
  • Publishers Weekly
    With its stellar voice, Raimo's inquisitive and vulnerable novel proves tough to put down
  • Monica Ali, author of Love Marriage
    I fell head over heels in love with Lost on Me. What a thrillingly original voice! Raimo writes with a tender brutality that is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking
  • Il Corriere della Sera
    Lost on Me is the naughty grandson of Natalia Ginzburg's Family Lexicon ... Raimo has tapped the novelistic potential of her affections and has transformed them into comedy. The result deserves all of the praise flaunted on the cover
  • Roddy Doyle

    When the book you start reading is immediately hilarious and deeply disturbing, you know you're onto something special. Lost on Me is that book
  • Katherine Heiny

    A uproariously funny portrait of an unconventional family from a writer who knows the sliver of ice in the heart as well as she knows love. This deliciously enjoyable novel is a true original and one to savour
  • Kirkus
    Filled with humour and neuroses ... a witty and complex portrait of a woman becoming herself
  • Elizabeth McKenzie, author of The Dog of the North

    Lost on Me was anything but; I was utterly seduced by this wry and fearless novel featuring the unforgettable voice of Vero, a young woman with a sharp sense of humour and a splendid eye for the absurd
  • Naoise Dolan

    I adored Lost on Me. With combustive prose and oxidising wit, Veronica Raimo sets fire to the Bildungsroman. A clear-eyed comedic talent who bends the novel form to her will
  • Strong Words
    Highly entertaining, thought-provoking and one of 2023's best novels yet
  • Karl Geary, author of Montpelier Parade

    What a fresh, vivid and unpredictable voice, bursting with life, I loved it. Finally something that's not like everything else.
  • Big Issue
    Excellent ... written in a spare and precise style from the pen of a biting narrator. It would be simply impossible for a book this good to go unnoticed
  • The Times
    Restless and sly ... intelligently spiky
  • New European
    Remarkable. A darkly funny novel of rhythm, subtlety and nuance ... a writer who deserves as wide an audience as possible
  • Marie Claire, Best Books of 2023
    This bittersweet work of autofiction charts Verika's journey through her neurotic childhood to womanhood and her attempts - literal and metaphorical - to escape her family and their influence. Smart, funny ... a sharply tender portrait of a young woman's becoming
  • Financial Times, Best Books of the Year 2023
    Funny and tender
  • Roddy Doyle

    Irish Times, Best Books of 2023
    Wild, funny and disturbing, all I ask of a book about mothers and their daughters.
  • Largehearted Boy
    If Sheila Heti was Italian and wrote a modern Franny & Zooey, it would approximate how powerful and magnificent Veronica Raimo's novel Lost on Me is.
  • New European, Best Books of 2023
    Infused with a hilarious dry wit wrung from a wry attitude to life, Lost On Me stands out as a brilliant and inventive modern novel in English thanks to an outstanding translation for which Leah Janeczko deserves much credit
    If you enjoy Deborah Levy or Natalia Ginzburg, then you'll appreciate the writing of Italian author and translator, Veronica Raimo. Deeply original and with kudos from Naoise Dolan and Katherine Heiny, this bildungsroman follows Vero, a 15-year-old girl, writer and compulsive liar as she plots various bids for freedom, all of which are thwarted by her savvy mother. The film rights have been snapped up by Fandango, so look out for news of a future movie