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Landscape For A Good Woman

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    • Carolyn Steedman
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This book is about lives lived out on the borderlands, lives for which the central interpretative devices of the culture don't quite work. It has a childhood at its centre - my childhood, a personal past - and it is about the disruption of that fifties childhood by the one my mother had lived out before me, and the stories she told about it.'

Intricate and inspiring, this unusual book uses autobiographical elements to depict a mother and her daughter and two working-class childhoods (Burnley in the 1920s, South London in the 1950s) and to find a place for their stories in history and politics, in psychoanalysis and feminism.

'Provocative and quite dazzling in its ambitions. . . Beautifully written, intellectually compelling' Judith Walkowitz

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  • Published: Jul 28 2005
  • Pages: 176
  • 216 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780860685593
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Press Reviews

  • Kathryn Hughes
    I read Landscape for a Good Woman, and some things (not all, because this is not a fairy tale) started to fall into place