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It Could Have Been You

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    • Merlyn Nuttall
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In February 1992 Merlyn Nuttall was hurrying to work early one morning, heading for Brixton tube station as usual. Then a man appeared, apparently in need of help for his girlfriend. She followed him and within minutes he was forcing her at knifepoint into an empty end-of-terrace house. Forty-five minutes later, naked, bleeding from throat slashes and near death, Merlyn was on the front steps of the house, trying to summon help. She survived the horrific rape and attempted murder but her fight for recovery and to gain compensation, brought her against some surprising areas of resistance - including the refusal of the NHS to pay for plastic surgery on her neck scars.

Here she tells her story with the aim of helping other victims, men and women - navigate the complex, sometimes indifferent, system as well as to provide vital information for those who care for victims.
  • Published: May 07 1998
  • Pages: 192
  • 198 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781860493683
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Press Reviews

    A straightforward account of the rape and its aftermath, written not so much as a literary exercise as a cautionary tale and handbook for victims and their families
    Her account will add another piece to the body of knowledge which is changing the legal system. For that she deserves our gratitude as well as our admiration
    A chilling, hair-raising immensely brave account by the survivor of a particularly brutal rape.
  • BEST
    I read the book in an afternoon... Her story is horrific, but it's one of enormous courage and survival, and instilled in me an even greater respect for women than I had before.