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Gardening Women

Their Stories From 1600 to the Present
  • Author
    • Catherine Horwood
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From Flora, Roman goddess of plants, to today's gardeners at Kew, women have always gardened. Women gardeners have grown vegetables for their kitchens and herbs for their medicine cupboards. They have been footnotes in the horticultural annals for specimens collected abroad. They taught young women about gardening twenty-five years before women's horticultural schools officially existed. And their influence on the style of our gardens, frequently unacknowledged, survives to the present day.

From these triumphs to the battles fought against male-dominated institutions, from the horticultural pioneers to the bringers of change in society's attitudes, this book is a celebration of the best of the species -- gardening women.
  • Published: May 06 2010
  • Pages: 448
  • 165 x 218mm
  • ISBN: 9781844084630
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Press Reviews

    ** 'An authoritative writer . . . it is about time that women gardeners received the generous tribute awarded to them by Horwood's splendid book . . . lively, superbly researched and highly enjoyable
    ** 'Women, like weeds, are everywhere in gardening history. In gathering their stories and describing their influences and achievements Horwood has done a terrific, pioneering job. Beautifully structured and cogently written, GARDENING WOMEN is as rich, f
    ** 'For anyone interested in the long and fascinating history of women and their gardens, Horwood's book, with its cast scope . . . and plethora of fascinating detail, is an admirable starting point
    ** 'An interesting, well-told story