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How we fix the gender pay gap
  • Author
    • Carrie Gracie
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'Gracie tells the story of her struggle and eventual triumph as a way of encouraging us, of changing our society, of giving us all courage . . . Equal is a very important book' Sandi Toksvig

Equal pay has been the law for half a century. But women often get paid less than men, even when they're doing equal work.

Mostly they don't know because pay is secret. But what if a woman finds out? What should she do?

In Equal, award-winning journalist Carrie Gracie covers her own experience of holding her employer - the BBC - to account and investigates why we're still being paid unequally. Equal will open your eyes, fix your resolve and give you the tools to act - and act now.

'Equal tells a personal story that changed the public debate' Guardian
'Pulls no punches' Sunday Times
'Full of sound advice for women' Observer

'A gripping personal story told with warmth and wit' Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister

Longlisted for the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award 2019

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  • Published: Mar 05 2020
  • Pages: 288
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9780349012254
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Press Reviews

  • Mail on Sunday
    Carrie Gracie's pragmatic and honest tone hugely boosts her aim of inspiring millions of women 'who are at grave risk of being underpaid and undervalued at some stage in their working lives, if not throughout it'
  • Sunday Times
    Carrie Gracie pulls no punches in this account of how she clashed with the BBC over gender-pay inequality . . . In the book, which is written with great clarity and backed up by a good deal of research, Gracie not only details her own experience but also weaves in studies showing how unconscious bias and gender stereotyping leave women undervalued at work
  • Financial Times
    An instructive account of a gruelling battle for equal pay at the BBC . . . [Equal] is about more than just well-heeled media folk. Gracie paints a broader picture of the historical, academic and legal context of women's fight for equality . . . [It's] a tribute to the power of collective action
  • Guardian
    Part instruction manual, part howl of rage, Equal tells a personal story that changed the public debate . . . The book is full of advice for others - there is a separate section at the end for employers, men and women . . . [Carrie Gracie's] decision to use her personal story for the public good has put the issue of equal pay firmly on the agenda
  • Rachel Cooke

    [Carrie Gracie's] important account of her struggle to win equal pay is full of sound advice for women . . . Gracie understands all the various ways in which pay inequality can play havoc with a person's self-belief and peace of mind, and in her book she staples them to the page . . . For me, the most resonant parts of her book have to do with her self worth. "Carrie, it's always such a joy to see you," says James Harding, the then director of news at the BBC, when she sees him for a meeting in 2015. "You deliver so much and ask so little."
  • Red
    She quit her job as the BBC's China editor over pay discrimination. Now, in a personal and campaigning book, Carrie Gracie explains how to achieve true equality - both in terms of pay and in life
  • The Times
    The story of [Carrie Gracie's] campaign - and why it matters
  • Sandi Toksvig

    What I admire about Carrie Gracie is not just her bravery, though that is amazing, but more that she tells the story of her struggle and eventual triumph as a way of encouraging us, of changing our society, of giving us all courage. She shows what can happen when women work together to call out blatant injustice and to insist that all women are fairly and equally paid. It's hard to believe we're still having these conversations in 2019 but we are and that is why we need heroes like Carrie. EQUAL is a very important book
  • Financial Times (Best Books of 2019)
    The BBC's former China editor recounts her hard-fought battle with the broadcaster for equal pay, artfully weaving in the history of gender inequality and tips for women - and men - who wish to continue her campaign for equitable treatment
  • Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister

    A gripping personal story told with warmth and wit, combined with a 'how to' guide for anyone who wants to ensure women are paid as true equals
  • Stylist
    Equal is an inspiring memoir exploring why women often find it difficult to assert their value in the workplace, as well as a practical guide to what women and men - employees and employers - can do to achieve pay equality for women now and in the future