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  • Author
    • Shena Mackay
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  • Published: Apr 07 2016
  • Pages: 432
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9780349007199
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Press Reviews

  • Guardian
    She writes like an angel wielding a scalpel, dissecting her characters with sublime, sharp-edged prose
  • Julie Myerson

    Independent on Sunday
    Her prose is flawlessly seductive and comic, confidently witty and sensual
  • Rachel Cooke

    She is a dazzling sort of a writer
  • Paul Bailey

    Shena Mackay notices a London that passes most writers by . . . Her London is not a convenient backdrop - it is the capital itself, vividly and freshly set down in glancing detail
  • Kirkus Reviews
    A rich feast to be enjoyed page by page as Mackay, in often dazzling prose, describes the hilarious antics of bibulous writers or, with moving lyricism, those surprised by joy
  • John Banville

    What a superbly imaginative writer she is . . . Mackay takes large risks, but when they come off the result is breathtaking
  • New York Times
    An adroit novel that incisively but compassionately deploys a dysfunctional family with familiar problems - isolation, failed hopes, mutual deceit - in comic configurations