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Brilliant Careers

The Virago Book of 20th Century Fiction
  • Author
    • Ali Smith
  • Editor
    • Ali Smith
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A seminal fiction collection that stretches from Gertrude Stein to Grace Paley, from Edith Wharton to Angela Carter, from Mae West to Margaret Atwood, from Zora Neale Hurston to Joyce Carol Oates. Add to this another ninety-two brilliant writers a reader can relish the thought of careering between - and all collected together in the one anthology. An international celebration of extracts that chart our time: stories of poverty and wealth, work and play, tales of changing environments - both urban and rural, in peace and wartime. A book of Virago authors with every year of the twentieth century represented by groundbreaker after literary groundbreaker.

Brilliant Careers gathers all the energies and circumstances of twentieth-century women writers into the one book, covering ten decades from the century closest to all our hearts, swinging from one end to the other of a hundred years of history and change via the very best of twentieth century fiction.

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  • Published: Dec 07 2000
  • Pages: 528
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781860498428
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Press Reviews

    Readable and provocative
    The scope and variety on display here should satisfy any reader interested in great literature
    An immaculately and exhaustively researched overview of women's writing
  • Vicky Lebeau, AMAZON.CO.UK REVIEW
    "A writer for every year of the 20th Century': delving into its impressive list of Modern Classics, in Brilliant Careers the feminist publishing house Virago has come up with a new literary anthology of women's writing. From Miles Franklin, the represent