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The Sugar House

  • Author
    • Antonia White
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The year is 1920. Clara Batchelor, the heroine of The Lost Traveller, is now an actress with a touring repertory company and is passionately in love with the wholly unsuitable Stephen Tye. When Stephen betrays her, Clara betrays herself by agreeing to marry Archie, the fiance‚ she discarded four years before. A friendship but not a love match, the marriage is a desperate attempt by Clara to rekindle the safety of childhood. But neither of them are children any more and their dream sugar house begins to dissolve.

The Sugar House is the second in the trilogy sequel to Frost in May, which began with The Lost Traveller and continues in Beyond the Glass. Although each is a complete novel in itself, together they form a brilliant portrait of a young girl's journey to adulthood.
  • Published: Aug 03 2006
  • Pages: 256
  • 198 x 129mm
  • ISBN: 9781844083794
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Press Reviews

  • Elizabeth Bowen
    Absorbing, fascinating . . . written with extraordinary brilliance
    Antonia White evinces Clara's breakdown, particularly the isolation and emptiness she experiences, with extraordinary economy and insight