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Excellent Women

'I'm a huge fan of Barbara Pym' Richard Osman
  • Author
    • Barbara Pym
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  • Published: Jul 03 2008
  • 138 x 201mm
  • ISBN: 9781844085262
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Press Reviews

  • Lord David Cecil

    One of the finest examples of high comedy
  • Marghanita Laski

    I don't think I've ever before recommended a novel as one that everybody will enjoy and yet - even with a certain assurance - I'm prepared to vouch for Excellent Women
  • Jilly Cooper

    I pick up her books with joy, as though I were meeting an old, dear friend who comforts me, extends my vision and makes me roar with laughter
  • Richard Osman

    I'm a huge fan of Barbara Pym
  • The Times
    Why shouldn't the lives of cardigan-wearing spinsters and fussy confirmed bachelors be the engines of some of the finest comic writing in English? Not only was Pym a comic genius but she was ever so wise
  • Anne Tyler

    Barbara Pym is the rarest of treasures; she reminds us of the heartbreaking silliness of everyday life
  • Alexander McCall Smith

    One of the most endearingly amusing English novels of the twentieth century