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Actress, Empress, Whore
  • Author
    • Stella Duffy
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Justinian took a wife: and the manner she was born and bred, and wedded to this man, tore up the Roman Empire by the very roots' Procopius
Charming, charismatic, heroic - Theodora of Constantinople rose from nothing to become the most powerful woman in the history of Byzantine Rome. In Stella Duffy's breathtaking new novel, she comes to life again - a fascinating, controversial and seductive woman. Some called her a saint. Others were not so kind...
When her father is killed, the young Theodora is forced into near slavery to survive. But just as she learns to control her body as a dancer, and for the men who can afford her, so she is determined to shape a very different fate for herself.
From the vibrant streets and erotic stage shows of sixth century Constantinople to the holy desert retreats of Alexandria, Theodora is an extraordinary imaginative achievement from one of our finest writers.
  • Published: Jun 02 2011
  • Pages: 352
  • 131 x 200mm
  • ISBN: 9781844082117
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Press Reviews

  • Financial Times
    A witty, moving, sexy novel that bursts with as much colour and excitement as the city of Constantinople itself ... a joyous and energetic read
  • Daily Telegraph
    Theodora is exquisitely summoned by Duffy ... a story rich in colour, texture and taste, told in a fleet-footed narrative
  • Sunday Times
    A splendid subject, traced with energy and much juicy detail