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Me Again

The Uncollected Writings of Stevie Smith
  • Author
    • Stevie Smith
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Stevie Smith (1902-1971) is most famous as a poet and for her three extraordinary novels. But, throughout her life, stories, essays, reviews, a radio play, poems and drawings poured from her witty and magnificent pen and this volume is this first to collect them. She had a unique eye for what is wonderful in the ordinary, and her perceptions about friendship, love and the complexities of life have rarely been equalled. Dominating these writings is her unforgettable humour and wit, quintessentially English yet absolutely universal. ME AGAIN illuminates and confirms the splendid and varied qualities which constitute the genius of Stevie Smith.

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  • Published: Nov 10 1983
  • Pages: 368
  • ISBN: 9780860682271
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Press Reviews

    Pure pleasure. This gifted and creative writer has come into her own. She was unlike any of her contemporaries, beyond fashion... an original.
    Throws light on her life and personality, her mind and art, far better than any biography could ever do.
  • Marina Warner
    A fascinating and valuable collection.
    Her wry mixture of sharpness and sensitivity, childlike directness and shrewd wit.