Sons And Mothers

Frank, bold and unsentimental, this pieces look at one of the most crucial of all human relationships: the bond between mother and son. Seven mothers and seven sons tread on emotional minefields - some gingerly, some with great anger. A priest, an old man famous for his comic antics, a newsreader all write about their mothers. While a mother remembers sending her sons away to boarding school, a stepmother tells what it's like to inherit another woman's son, and a young mother portrays the utterly helpless love she feels for her infant son. A stunning collection that includes contributions from: Diran Adebayo, Spike Milligan, Jon Snow, Adam Mars-Jones, Michael Bywater, Jan Dalley, Sonia Melchett, Sophie Parkin, Kate Saunders, Jill Dawson, Father Seed, Phineas Foster, Susan Richards, Jenny Craddock.
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