Towards Another Summer

'A deeply rewarding and beautiful novel' HILARY MANTEL

'The idea of a new novel by Janet Frame is in itself a delight and Towards Another Summer is a joy to read, with all the poise, inventiveness and clarity of her other work' MAGGIE O'FARRELL

Life in England seems transitory for Grace Cleave as the pull of her native New Zealand grows stronger. She begins to feel increasingly like a migratory bird. Grace longs to find her own place in the world, if only she can decide where that is. But first she must learn to feel comfortable in her own skin, feathers and all.

Written in 1963, Janet Frame considered this novel too personal to be published in her lifetime.

'In this deeply personal novel of exile and loneliness, Janet Frame proves the master of nostalgia, beauty and loss. Frame is, and will remain, divine' ALICE SEBOLD

'Exceptional . . . comic, melancholy and piercingly observant' Sunday Telegraph
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